All lawyers are smart. But appellate lawyers are smart. The kind of smart that comes from being law-review editors, moot-court champions and clerks for federal judges. The attorneys in our appellate practice are that kind of smart. Plus, they have years of experience in appellate courts at the state and federal levels. That experience extends to several areas, including:

  • Trial strategy
  • Post-trial motions
  • Interlocutory appeals
  • Writs of mandamus
  • Merits briefing
  • Oral advocacy
  • Petitions for review in the Supreme Court of Texas


Our appellate team handles appeals in a wide array of subject matters — commercial, employment, family, and real estate — and represents clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to governmental entities to individuals.

Appellate law is often very different from law at the trial level. Luckily, we handle both, eliminating the traditional need to seek out a firm that specializes only in appellate matters. In addition, lawyers in our appellate practice team up with our trial lawyers to look at issues through an appellate lens — in case an appeal occurs — and to address issues related to error preservation, jury charges and motion practice.

We believe there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to appealing a case. When meeting with a client, we first work to identify the clients’ needs and build a strategy from there. We’re able to take the lead in any number of circumstances, whether appealing a verdict or working toward mediation, or we can simply advise and help develop legal strategy. Our clients’ needs come first and foremost in any action we take, and we work in the most efficient and cost-effective manner to achieve a favorable outcome. Pretty smart, right?