Director of Administration

Direct Dial: 214.599.4020


Lisa is the type of person who gets the job done. That’s why Dawn Estes and Jessica Thorne turned to her when they were forming the firm. The women had worked with one another before, and they knew Lisa was hardworking and had an eye for detail. As the firm’s Director of Administration, she handles a range of responsibilities, from payroll and HR to working with marketing and IT, always making sure the trains run on time.

When she first joined the firm, Lisa assisted the attorneys as a paralegal, with accounting, and other office duties. But as the firm began to grow, Lisa’s role in it began to grow as well. Eventually, it made sense for her to transition into managing the office exclusively. Lisa’s glad she made the switch “When I was a little girl I learned to play the violin. Ever since then I’ve enjoyed learning new things and new skills.” Lisa admits there’s a difference between the violin and managing an office: one can be a pain in the neck and the other is just a little stressful from time to time.

In addition to Lisa’s work at the firm, she is involved with several charities. She works with Rainbow Days and Make-A-Wish Foundation as a Wish Granter, and she’s always looking to help animals in need through various animal organizations. Inside the office and out, Lisa’s working to make people’s lives just a little bit easier.